Meet the Geek: About Karis 

My name is Karis Dodd, and I'm a young professional in New York who spends way too much time taking mirror selfies in cute stores. While finishing my senior year at UC Berkeley in early 2017, I decided to turn my passion for boutiques and independent brands into the website that you see today.

I'm interested in the people who own and operate small fashion businesses - whether it be a new retail concept or a unique shoe brand. Through this blog, I hope to share the spirit and creativity of these fashionable entrepreneurs while also sharing a bit of my own personal style along the way. I want this to be a place of creativity, expression, and passion, but most of all I want to inspire my readers to look at the fashion environment around them and learn about the movers and shakers behind the businesses in their backyard. 

If you have a boutique or business that you want me to write about, visit, or sample, feel free to check out my contact page and drop me a line.